Saturday, June 13, 2009

With a heavy heart...

The doctors removed the polyp that was holding up John's transplant surgery but unfortunately they were unable to control the massive amount of bleeding he had following the surgery. The doctors and nurses worked for many hours to try to stop the bleeding and maintain a blood pressure. When it was obvious there was nothing more that could be done I and our children decided to let him pass with dignity. One of John's last wishes was not to die on a ventilator and we had it removed. He passed quietly and actually looked amazingly peaceful at 9:34 am on Thursday, June 11, 2009.

Thank you all for the prayers you gave over the past few months. John and our family were truly blessed 7 years ago when he received his first liver transplant. We were able to enjoy 7 more years with him that he would not have other wise had. Please consider organ donation if unfortunately the time comes. It is a precious gift that John appreciated and honored to the fullest.

I will miss him more than I could ever put into words. I think our granddaughter Jordan said it best, "Grandpa is going to be an angel now".

Friday, June 5, 2009

Garden pictures

I thought it was a good day to get a few pictures of the gardens. My yard is so small that I cannot fit the entire garden into one picture. I will just show the pictures so you can get a good idea of how they look. Hope you enjoy! Kim

The picture on the left is of the cucumbers and the one on the right is of the melons. I started all of these indoors about 2 weeks before planting them outside.

Here are my absolute favorite vegetables...tomatoes! The picture on the left shows the 2 tomato beds and the picture on the right is a close up of one of the beds.

A picture of the lush growth of plants that were originally under the hoop house. The lettuce is still growing strong and the broccoli is over a foot tall now. In the back is a row of peas. I am hoping the peas provide just the right amount of shade so I can extend the lettuce harvest well into summer.

This is 2 shots of my one really long bed. It is 4'x24' and I cannot fit a picture in one shot. Against the fence is lots of pots full of different types of food plants such as potatoes, herbs, sunflowers and lots more.

The gardens as seen from my patio. Here I am standing against the house and I cannot fit the yard in one picture...that's how small it is.

Raspberries and blueberries on the left and the strawberry tower on the right. Next year we should have lots of berries to eat!!!

Last but not least, the bed behind the garage. There is a grape on each end which will be trained on wires. The middle is for a new planting of asparagus. Toward the far end is a rhubarb.