Friday, June 5, 2009

Garden pictures

I thought it was a good day to get a few pictures of the gardens. My yard is so small that I cannot fit the entire garden into one picture. I will just show the pictures so you can get a good idea of how they look. Hope you enjoy! Kim

The picture on the left is of the cucumbers and the one on the right is of the melons. I started all of these indoors about 2 weeks before planting them outside.

Here are my absolute favorite vegetables...tomatoes! The picture on the left shows the 2 tomato beds and the picture on the right is a close up of one of the beds.

A picture of the lush growth of plants that were originally under the hoop house. The lettuce is still growing strong and the broccoli is over a foot tall now. In the back is a row of peas. I am hoping the peas provide just the right amount of shade so I can extend the lettuce harvest well into summer.

This is 2 shots of my one really long bed. It is 4'x24' and I cannot fit a picture in one shot. Against the fence is lots of pots full of different types of food plants such as potatoes, herbs, sunflowers and lots more.

The gardens as seen from my patio. Here I am standing against the house and I cannot fit the yard in one picture...that's how small it is.

Raspberries and blueberries on the left and the strawberry tower on the right. Next year we should have lots of berries to eat!!!

Last but not least, the bed behind the garage. There is a grape on each end which will be trained on wires. The middle is for a new planting of asparagus. Toward the far end is a rhubarb.


Patti Coffey (Aspen) said...

Your garden is awesome! I love the variety and how pretty it makes your yard look. Your gardening buddy is a little sweetie!

lvlc said...


We planted today. I don't have pics since our camera broke! :( but I posted today about it. Feel free to stop by and comment! ;)

Kalena Michele said...

All looks great! I'm going to visit your blog more often. You long planting bed looks really well put together (the one along the side of the house), as well as the stacked one. I'm hoping to do something like this for my asparagus.

AKA KalenaPlants

SimplyForties said...

Your garden is great! I love that you are reducing your lawn with raised beds. I put in my first 3 raised vegetable beds this year and hope to continue the trend until there is no lawn left!!

Maryann said...

so nice!
I want to do some hoop covers, next week!

hiren said...

your garden looks awesome. I was just wondering how you manage to get so much soil in the raised beds. Do you prepare it yourself or buy it ?

thanks for the info,

Kim said...

Hi hiren, thanks for the question. I am able to get a lot of compost from my city. We have to pick it up and load and unload ourselves, but hey it is free.

Since I had little time this year when we expanded big time, I also bought a 6 yard dump truck full of compost. The cost was really not all that bad for some really nice, all compost, delivered.

HTH, Kim

tianyou bian said...

Hello Kim,
Your garden is so nice! And I also plant some lettuce seed last week. I water the soil in the container and put the seeds directly on the soil. By soil, I mean compost and peat moss, etc. After several days, those seeds have nothing happen. Do you soak the lettuce seed before planting? Or do you put the seeds in refrigerator before planting them?
Would like your suggest.

Thank you very much Kim.

Kim said...

TB thanks for visiting. I am curious as to how deep you planted your lettuce. I usually put them on the surface and barely scratch them in. If planted too deeply, the seeds may take a lot longer to sprout and sometimes will not sprout at all. If not planted too deep, Lettuce will sometimes take a week or more to sprout for me and then all of a sudden take off. Give it a few more days to see if anything happens. Kim

tianyou bian said...

Thanks Kim for your quick reply. Yes, I just directly lie the seed upon the surface of soil. I just thinking the quicker way to let them sprout.
I will try to soak it next time before planting. ;)

All the best,