Monday, February 9, 2009

Lettuce update

Our lettuce is growing very well under the inexpensive light set up I have in the basement. Here is a picture of my granddaughter holding some of our bounty. Remember we have been eating off these greens up to 4 times a week. We simply pinch off enough leaves for a small salad or some for a sandwich. We now have added alfalfa sprouts as well as the mung and adzuki beans. I think this has been so successful that next year I will double or triple the grow lights so we will be able to have a small salad a night.
Time to pick the lettuce, happy eating. Kim & Jordan


Kittikity said...

Great looking lettuce and adorable granddaughter..

Angelady said...

Wow! That really is exciting! It is very motivational about growing indoors under lights. Thank you.

I'm sure you hear this all the time, but Jordan is such a cutie pie!


Anonymous said...

This is very encouraging. What lighting system did you use.

Kim said...

I use an inexpensive "shop light" found at places like Lowe's. The cost is $8.98 plus bulbs. I use one plant & aquarium bulb which around $10 and one standard T12 bulb. The total cost is under $20.