Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seed inventory

Wow I spent the better part of the afternoon doing a complete inventory of all the different types of fruit and vegetables seeds I have collected this past year. I think it was well past due since I found I had multiple copies of many types of seeds. Recently a couple stores in my area had those seed deals where you get 10 packs for $1. Well I have to admit, I just could not pass them up. I didn't think I had any zucchini so I bought one. I then went back a couple weeks later and forgot I bought zucchini and purchased another one. Today when I did my inventory I found out I now have 5 packs. Now who really needs 5 packs of zucchini? My neighbors will be locking their doors and closing the blinds if I grew that much zucchini and tried to give it away!

To make matters worse, the plants are beginning to arrive in the nurseries. I know I would not be tempted but how do I keep my car from driving me to the store? I have no control over my car when it sees the nurseries and it makes me go there! Do you suppose there is some kind of auto pilot on them that makes gardeners stop in whenever they pass by whether they need seeds or plants or not? I tell you it's a conspiracy!

Looks like I will pack up a large envelope and send it off the Need4Seed soon. Kim

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grovespirit said...

If you can't give lots of extra zucchini away to your neighbors, you certainly can give it away to a local food bank. I've done so before when I had too many of something such as zukes or eggplants. :) But I'm sure you realize it's probably best not to have TOO many extra zuke plants, because you could be growing some produce that you'd actually eat in that space instead. Glad you're re-homing the extra seeds. :)

Loved the bit about the car that has a mind of its own and keeps driving us to garden stores filled with pretty plants! LOL. :)

I decided to exorcise my vehicle, so that it would quit doing that with me. Sounds extreme I know, but on my shoestring budget I can't even afford to have a 'spirited' car lead me to shops full of plants I can't afford.