Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Potato in a pot

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I saw a video on YouTube that showed a woman growing potatoes in pots. I wanted to give this a try also.

On February 20th, I took a large pot, approximately 2 gallon size, placed a 3" layer of potting mix into the bottom. I then layed a potato from a 10# bag into the bottom and covered with more soil and watered well.

On March 1st, the potato sprouted. As the potato grew taller, I kept adding more soil until it reached the top of the pot. As you can see by the picture, it looks very happy and healthy. I am now in the process of hardening off the potato so it can be placed outside in the hoop house until I need the planting space. The potato will then continue to be grown in the pot until the top dies off. At this point, the potato will be ready to harvest, in about 90 days or so, and I will know how successful this experiment was.

I'll post at that time how many potatoes I was able to grow this way. If successful, I plan on growing potatoes in pots in the house into next winter to extend the fresh potato harvest. Kim


Ashley said...

I acutally just got mine planted today, we are doing 55 gallon drums..We have never done it before, and are actually getting wierd looks from people when we tell them what we are doing.
I need to blog about mine as well.

I will be looking forward to seeing your potatoes

Angelady said...

The picture is amazing! I think I'm going to try this as well. I just love your blog because you seem to be doing so much that I'm about to do! Thanks again for sharing! I think I'll go check out youtube to see the video you're talking about.


Tammy said...

Did you have sprouts (eyes) on your potato when you planted it? I'm excited to have found your blog as I will be moving to Warren next month and will have a yard so I can start gardening again.

Kim said...

The original potatoes I used were from the grocery store. There were tiny spots where sprouts later developed. I put a decent size potato on the window ledge until I saw a tiny sprout and then planted it.

I did think I killed off the potato as I had it outside in the hoophouse when the temperatures dropped into the 20's for 3 days in a row. The tops died off and I even turned it out of the pot just to see if anything was happening. Well I saw lots of tiny potatoes and decided to put it back into the pot to see what would happen....well it has greened up again and is growing well. Only time will tell if it will continue to develop potatoes.

Thanks for asking, Kim