Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tomato madness

It's official! My yearly tomato madness has begun! Each year I cannot wait for that first ripe tomato exploding with flavor in my mouth. Jordan and I planted all 20 varieties yesterday along with 5 varieties (so far) of peppers. Now I will obsess over the little tomatoes until well into the summer months. I have many new varieties this year and cannot wait to try them out. The varieties this year will be: zapotec pleated, Kellogg's breakfast, green zebra, Italian market wonder, cabot, garten perle, opalka, yellow pear, roma, nyagous, Brad's black heart (so far my favorite!), cherokee purple, Oleana's, Ludmilla's red plum, rutgers, New Yorker, brandywine, marmande, black cherry and mennonite orange. This is a nice variety of color, texture, and taste. I'm not sure where they will all be grown and know for sure I must expand the garden to accommodate the larger assortment of tomatoes and the other vegetable seeds I acquired this year.

Looks like we will be eating good in My Little Corner of the World. Kim


Lydia said...

Hello, I'm visiting from garden girl's sight. I love your blog. I'll place your link on my blog.
Wishing you a very nice day!

Lydia said...

It's nice to meet you! I'm a member on garden girl's forum.
Wow! You have tons of tomatoes!!!!!!
I thought I grew a lot. I can never grow enough tomatoes!
I've grown the cherokee purple, the brandywine, and the yellow pear tomatoes. they are all absolutely delicious!
You'll not only have tons of tasty tomatoes to enjoy all summer long, you'll also have a beautiful and colorful display of tomatoes in your veggie garden too!!!
Have a great day,
P.S. I placed your blog link on my blogroll if thats o.k. with you?

Kim said...

Hi Lydia, thanks for visiting and placing me on your blogroll. Kim

Margot said...

Hi, I'm new to this blog and just love it. Great job! I thought I knew most of the tomato names but Brad's Black Heart sounded so good that I ordered seeds from Tomato Fest to try it. I also discovered a few more while visiting that site and ordered Amish Gold and Legend seeds, too. This year I tried to cut back but I think I have about 35 different varieties to plant in May. I can definitely relate to tomato madness! If you don't plant all your seeds from a packet, do you keep them for next year?

Kim said...

Margot, tomato seeds will last for at least 5 years if stored properly. I place my seeds into zipper bags and then store in the pantry in the basement. Cool and dry is the way to properly store seeds. It is very easy to save your own tomato seeds so you can keep your own seeds from year to year. As soon as I get my first ripe tomato, I will post how on my blog. Kim