Sunday, April 5, 2009

Garden Journal

It looks like the garden is going to expand a little this year. My honey was feeling pretty good (and our son was over visiting) so he made a couple more raised garden beds for me. I have been wanting to expand this year but thought it was out due to his failing health and limited funds. John was able to find "culled" lumber at a really good price and used some to make the beds for me. Now it is my turn to find some good compost to fill them with.

I finally finished transplanting the tomatoes into larger pots...but wouldn't you know it, I forgot to count how many I ended up with. In many of the pots there were double and even triple seedlings and since I am such a tomato nut, I didn't have the heart to simply snip any off so...I gently swished the roots in room temperature water to remove the soil and then gently separated the plants. Now I have even more to get rid of but, I already have a line up of people asking for a tomato plant or two this year.

My next big transplanting project is going to be the peppers. I have at least 30 or so of those started as well. This is the first year I have had this type of success with peppers and believe it is due to placing them on a heated seedling mat.

I am a little worried about the plants in the hoop house but will keep the faith...we are supposed to have 3-5" of snow tonight. I'm crossing my fingers (and toes) hoping everything makes it to harvest time.

Well, I'll update again after the big snow and let you know how my little darlings made it through. See you next time, Kim


lvlc said...

Hi Kim!

I just saw your blog!
When I was a kid my mom worked for the Extension Service and I was a 4-H for.... hmmm... since I had memory? lol

I remember one contest about doing cheese... and I remember participating in it... I did some queso blanco with different stuff inside i.e. red pepper... and THAT was the last time I did queso blanco!

I will love to try your way and remember old times! Thanks!

Kim said...

You're welcome...I hope you will try Queso Blanco again, you may find different ingredients that won't make you run away again. Kim