Monday, April 20, 2009

Garden Journal

The weather was incredible on Saturday! It was 75 degrees and sunny. I was able to get outside for most of the day to get some yard work done. Our city gives away wood chips so I decided to make some nice paths to keep me from sinking ankle deep in mud this spring. My tomatoes and peppers got a little sun also today...but not too much as it was their first time outside.

The plants are doing really well in the hoop house as well. I am able to pick some incredible salads daily. All the other varieties of vegetables I planted as seeds are sprouted and look very happy. The box you see in the back contains 4 potato plants. As they get larger, I will continue to fill the box and hope to get a nice size harvest. I will be planting another similar box in another area in about a month to stagger the harvest.

I am in the process of making rain barrels out of 44 gallon trash cans and will post a few pictures soon, unfortunately, it is raining out too much to go take pictures LOL. Hope to see you again soon. Kim


Lydia said...

Your garden looks great!!!!!
I'm still waiting to plant. Hopefully I can get started by the end of May.
I am so looking forward to fresh veggies this summer.
Have a great day and happy gardening!

Kim said...

Hi Lydia, thanks for stopping by...don't forget you can get planting now. You can get a salad garden going by planting a variety of lettuce into pots for a jump start on the harvest. Kim