Monday, January 12, 2009

Bloom time

After working 2 very long, hard 12 hour shifts this weekend, I was greeted by one of my geraniums beginning to bloom. My grandmother passed away 12 years ago and I was able to get a piece of one of her geraniums. I have taken cuttings each year since and overwintered it in the house. Yesterday it began to bloom. Each year in the middle of winter this same geranium blooms and brings back wonderful memories of the time I spent with my grandmother. As the winter progresses, the plant will reward me with many more blooms. In late winter, the geranium tends to get a little leggy and I will take several cuttings and root them for planting outdoors in May.

I am so lucky to have this little piece of my grandmother that I have passed on to my daughter and now my granddaughter. I was very fortunate that my mom also did the same with a peony that belonged to her grandmother. I wonder just how many people have saved something as simple as a plant to pass down among the generations.

Here is a photo of my granddaughter, Jordan, enjoying one of my grandma's geraniums last winter.


Time to go and smell the flowers in My Little Corner of the World.


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