Sunday, January 4, 2009

My favorite places to visit

I said last time I would share some information about me but that is boring (and in my profile). I would rather share my favorite places to visit.

As a young, struggling mother of 2 very young kids, I was fortunate to discover Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew on PBS some 23 years ago. We were living below the poverty line and barely making ends meet. The food budget was a dismal $30 a month plus some government rations given to the children. Mel taught me that in just a few square feet, I could help feed my family fresh homegrown vegetables. My adventure started out small in just a 2'x8' area. I took a few dollars from our meager food budget to purchase a tomato plant and some green bean seeds. Thanks to Mel and his Square Foot method, I was able to supplement our diet with the first fresh vegetables we had eaten in a long time. Sorry Mel, somewhere I got lost along the way and my adventure developed into hundreds of square feet of flowers instead. My vegetable gardening turned into a couple of meager tomato plants that is until the spring of 2008. A new house and a desire to eat fresh, organic, homegrown fruit and vegetables has once again taken over. I am back!

In early 2008 I was fortunate to stumble across Garden Web while searching out some much wanted seeds. WOW! Is all I can say about this extensive source of gardening nirvana. There are hundreds of forums in all aspects of gardening. Much to my delight, and the dismay of my poor husband, I found thousands of people who have a passion for growing their own. I have bubbly after bubbly coming to my house full of seeds. Our tiny yard is slowly losing its boring, green, flat lawn and becoming a blooming mass of flowers and vegetables. I think he has figured it out though. He grumbles about his ever decreasing mowing space which in turn I tell him he is nuts, go play golf, leave the yard to me, why do you want to mow anyway???

Then along came my friend, Patti Moreno, The Garden Girl. Through a small post on Garden Web I discovered some incredible videos on YouTube. The Garden Girl showed me that in my tiny little yard I could, indeed, have my own little urban homestead. I am totally hooked as Patti is now my gardening guru. She has shown me the light and the way....ok...enough...I very much enjoy learning the techniques she teaches in her videos. She is a sweet, wonderful person who loves to share what she does best with the rest of us. I would highly recommend checking out her website and videos. When you are done, come visit those of us who are like minded on her forums. There is a ever growing wealth of information from some more great people there. Don't forget to give me a wave when you come to visit.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea whichever you prefer, take some time and check out my links. When you are done, don't forget to come back to share a little more of My Little Corner of the World.

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