Monday, January 19, 2009

Celery from root

I read online somewhere that celery will sprout of you place the end you would normally discard into some damp potting mix. Well let me tell you that it works! I placed mine in a cut down water bottle (recycle twice) with some potting mix. The center of the celery end is not only sprouting, but is about 2" tall now. I placed it under my simple light set up next to the lettuce and will watch and see how large it will grow. I figure that even if it only grows a few inches tall with lots of leaves, I could use them to flavor soups, meatloaves and other foods I normally put chopped celery into. I have another stalk of celery in the refrigerator and will definitely be starting that end as well.

My little lettuce plants are now at the top of the container and have enough leaves to pick a few for a small salad for my lunch today. I will add a little piece of the celery chopped up for flavor and some of my mung and adzuki bean sprouts. I'll have to let you all know how good it tastes!

It is still pretty cold but my granddaughter is begging me to take her sledding. It looks like I will have to borrow the husband's insulated overalls as it is only in the teens today. Oh what we don't do for the grand kids! Looks like I need to take a HUGE thermos of hot chocolate along for some added warmth, besides, what girl doesn't like a little chocolate.

Hope I don't freeze too much. See you next time. Kim

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Angelady said...

Wow! I HAVE to try this! Celery was one of the things I just haven't been able to get in trade yet, so this is definitely for me! WooHooo! GREAT idea... I'm sure glad you posted about it!