Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Me

I did it. I finally got my mind straight and rejoined a diet support group. Having worked the midnight shift the past 3 years, I really packed on the pounds. Well now I don't have any more excuses. I am back on the day shift and need to get this weight off. Here is to a healthier weight in 2009.

Eating healthier in the winter is very difficult for me. I prefer to eat the vast majority of fruit and vegetables fresh. The choices are dismal as far as I am concerned. The foods I prefer most taste more like the wax models I once tasted as a child (don't ask). To help ever so slightly, I sowed some lettuce seeds and have them under lights in the basement. The little darlings have sprouted in just 3 days. I don't think they will ever get large enough to produce my entire salad, but they will get large enough to take clippings to add to store bought lettuce. Today I will go through my seed stash and sow a couple more pots of greens to add to the lettuce. I am thinking beet tops would be tasty and add a little more color.

Starting a grow light system does not have to be expensive. I started mine for just $20 last year. The common "shop lights" sold in most home improvement stores are all you need. You can add a 'plant and aquarium light' if you chose to broaden the light spectrum but the seedlings will do just as well without one. The shop light I purchased was $8.99 and the grow light was $9.89. I was able to start all my tomato plants as well as spring crops last year with just this 4 foot set up. I have my little lettuce seedlings growing under the light now. When it is time to start the broccoli and other brassicas as well as the tomatoes, I will set the lettuce seedlings outside with protection.

As soon as the ground thaws, I plan on setting up a hoop house and starting a large cut and come again salad patch. I needed some heavy guage plastic in the winter and was able to pick up a 10'x100' roll for $14.99. I had plenty to do my project and have more than enough to cover my salad bed. I figure for under $15 I can purchase enough PVC pipe to make a small hoop tunnel.

I'll post pictures once things get going so don't forget to come back and join me in My Little Corner of the World.


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Patti Moreno The Garden Girl said...

I am so glad you have taken the leap! I can't wait to read more.