Friday, January 9, 2009

Saving seeds

One of the new things I learned last season was how to save various seeds. I am planning ahead this year on a way to save a larger number of seeds. I belong to a small group that gives seeds to those in need called Need4Seed. The concept developed by Robin was simple but has had a great deal of impact on many people. She wanted to help others help themselves. She started giving away fruit and vegetable seeds to anyone who had a need. I was one of them. In turn, I saved many different types of seeds and donated them back to her. I also have plenty saved for this year's gardens and will learn how to save new varieties as well.

As a way of saving more seeds, I have decided to make a little seed saving garden. I will plant a few different vegetables utilizing the square foot method with the sole purpose of acquiring seeds for the following year (and to donate to Need4Seed). I figure that a garden of 2'x6' should be plenty of space to grow out things such as carrots, lettuce, broccoli, beans and a variety of other vegetables. Things that normally are easy to save seeds from such as tomatoes and melons will have their place in the other gardens. I'm also going to save a square foot or two for cuttings from my grape vine and blueberries.

Looks like I need to make up a detailed plan on how I want to space the different things I plan on growing. See you next time in My Little Corner of the World. Kim

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